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      Senior BD Manager招聘

      工作地点 全国各地
      所在行业 生物技术
      招聘人数 1人
      招聘方式 全职
      月  薪 面议


      工作经验 8年以上
      学历要求 本科
      性别要求 不限
      年龄要求 不限
      外语要求 英语
      岗位描述 Location: China,Shanghai preferred

      1.Lead or co-lead projects from inception all the way to due diligence; ensure projects and potential investment are aligned with overall Kemin business strategy
      2.Maintain an updated global list of potential targets by engaging local leadership teams
      3.Initiate and maintain relationships with target companies and universities.
      4.Prepare and present company summaries / reports across all stages of projects to key Kemin stakeholders
      5.Develop a M&A pipeline to fit Kemin’s global and regional strategy.
      6.Coordinate with Kemin business units.
      7.Maintain and improve upon standard processes to conduct acquisitions, due diligence, engage investment companies, etc. and develop templates to facilitate the practical application of those standards
      8.Animate a marketing intellingence activoity in China to support the strategic marketing approach of all Kemin business units in China
      应聘要求 1.Master’s degree with up to 8+ years of strategic marketing management experience. or, Bachelor’s Degree, with 10+ years of previous related experience
      2.Direct mergers/acquisitions experience is required
      3.Good project management skills
      4.Fluent oral and written English skills
      5.Experienced team building and servant leadership skill
      6.Excellent verbal and written communication skills, problem-solving skills, and critical-thinking skills.
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